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There’s No I in Female: Dropshyp’s Take on #Girlpower
Women in Tech Dropshyp

There’s No I in Female: Dropshyp’s Take on #Girlpower

Minal is an aspiring female entrepreneur who is eager to learn, explore, innovate and evolve. Riya is a business student who wants to be independent and successful in her life, all through being one of the best marketers. Ruby Gao is an MBA student who believes anyone can achieve their dream through hard work and dedication. Sophia Jidkov is a business student who strives to make the world a more efficient and inclusive place. What do all of these individuals at Dropshyp  have in common? They’re young, independent and hard-working women.

Our team spans all across the world and while it’s not too often we can all sit in the same room, we’re family. Part of being a family is accepting everyone for who they are, no matter what. So why is it that females generally experience barriers in their professional development? The answer is not one that is concrete and concise, but Dropshyp understands the importance of inclusivity.

It’s a well-known fact that tech is a male dominated field, so it is important to have diversity in a growing team and that’s something Shoppable Inc. should be commended for. Coming from a female who primarily works in marketing at Dropshyp, it’s a great thing to be surrounded by ladies all pushing themselves forward in a cutting edge start-up!

The positive impact diversity has on group intelligence, value creation, innovation and profitability cannot be understated or ignored, and together as a team of inspiring men and women from all walks of life and areas of the world is something to behold in what otherwise is a pretty gloomy, and worrisome, 2020.

If you are a young, hard-working female looking to enter the tech startup industry, please get in touch with us at [email protected]!