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Shoppable Inc., Opens Warehouse in Hong Kong
Dropshyp Warehouse

Shoppable Inc., Opens Warehouse in Hong Kong

Shoppable Inc., is proud to announce it has partnered with a Hong Kong/Singapore based logistics giant and warehouse operator to extend and bolster it’s storage and logistics capability.

Joe Todd, Chief Marketing Officer stated; “Just to think what we have accomplished in less than 150 days of operating is a tremendous showcase of our ability to scale and outperform conglomerate monopolies with billions of funding in their pocket who held precedence over their supply chain – not for long.

We’re very happy with Mr. Cheng and his team who believe in our vision of a better, fairer world for all. He and his team have made this all possible, allowing our East Asian and South East Asian suppliers streamline their fulfilment processes and get their goods to our customers 40% to 75% faster.

This monumental partnership will create around 50 to 80 new career opportunities in the logistics, order fulfilment and warehousing fields as well as provide space to around 48,000 pieces of inventory to be stored and shipped directly from Dropshyp’s dedicated warehouse.