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100% Transparency in Everything We Do
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100% Transparency in Everything We Do

We’re one of only a few companies in the world that want to be 100% transparent with all of our stakeholders, whether you are an investor, a product supplier, an affiliate or even a first time shopper. We believe that transparency is the key in building successful products and services for all.

This is why we’re launching a transparency initiative starting with our service status monitor, allowing everyone to have the same insight our on-site and off-site engineers have and having the ability to see live any issues, incidents or service interruptions that may occur in the 24-hour cycle with live updates prior any scheduled work, maintenance, implementation or mitigation action. In addition you will be able to see any interruptions that have occured in the last 90-day period of operation, and ability to report anything you may have difficulty with so our on-call first responders can mitigate and fix any ongoing technical issues that may affect the service in question.

We have also created a new Twitter profile where you can get live updates on any maintenance, implementation or mitigation action to be taken within next 24 hours.

This is a great first step towards full transparency and will allow us here at Shoppable Inc., and Dropshyp to provide a rigorous trust building process for all stakeholders involved, no matter how big or small.