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Shoppable Inc., Launches Services-Driven Agency
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Shoppable Inc., Launches Services-Driven Agency

Shoppable Inc. (“Company”) announced today that a new agency will be launched to meet the ever-increasing need and demand for quality, robust service driven agencies.

Mr. Todd, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer has issued the following statement:

“We had a lot of discussions here internally with our board of directors and advisors whether this is a necessary next step for us as a company with the ever increasing demand. We’ve had a lot of suppliers ask us to provide them with custom-made solutions and services – after thoughtful deliberation, we’ve agreed that launching a subsidiary was the next best step. The whole team at Shoppable Inc., which is supplier and customer driven, has had experience in many facets of the marketing and services mix. We’ve had clients such as LVMH, Daimler, even F1 and Warner Music Group, and not to mention many other power brands that we helped shape and grow over the last few years before we started Shoppable Inc., interpersonally. We’ve had some amazing collaborations already with some power-brands before even officially launching! (You can see some of those in our Instagram). We managed to make key partnerships with AdRoll, Rubicon Project, Google and even Disney already to bolster our marketing capabilities and offering, that’s not even touching on our other partners which relate to licensing, production, development and even social – these range all the way from Oracle, SAP to Baidu.

We want to give rapid results to anyone who needs them and we over-deliver on everything we do, this is why we have key clients switching from their current agencies to us. Treat asqot like a factory of designers, viral marketers & online architects – each of our wonderful clients have their own dedicated team of artists, specialists and developers. No matter how big or small. Unlike other agencies who only use tools provided to them, we build them, we automate all the boring stuff you’d expect to do and leave you with the creative decision making. We are launching the agency across key locations where most of our clients are, we’ve made space in our San Jose office for all the extra staff, and are also providing an agent-network across Europe and North America with key locations being in Chelsea, London – Nagpur, India and Toronto, Canada – with more soon to come. This is one of the few things which is driving our company to grow bigger and stronger than ever, and another key aspect of supporting our ever growing list of suppliers from Dropshyp.”

You can check the website here and e-mail the team at asqot using, [email protected] for any queries you may have.