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Shoppable Inc. Launches Interactive Shopping Across Web
Shoppable Inc. Interactive Shopping

Shoppable Inc. Launches Interactive Shopping Across Web

Today’s shoppers are constantly ‘in the moment’ and more so ever more enticed to act in the spur of the moment. Do you know those moments where you see something your favorite blogger has posted, or your favorite YouTuber, and you just know you have to have it – but uh oh, it’s 3 or 4 clicks away… even then, you have to get lucky – perhaps it’s already sold out, or no longer available. Precious time wasted.

Well not for long, here are Shoppable Inc., we try to strive to be innovators, outside thinkers and it’s in our name – we want to make shopping as easily accessible as possible, and to add to the user experience. This is why we’re bringing interactive shopping experiences across Social, Video and Ads. Yes, you heard it right. Saw a video, and wondering what your favorite YouTuber is wearing? Well, just hover over and buy it directly from Dropshyp! Below is just a sample of what’s to come in the future, totally interactive shopping experiences in development and testing by Shoppable Inc., and it’s partners and service providers.

We’re really excited to be bringing out new features to all of our customers and to make shopping even more easier… and a lot more interactive! Everything is now only a click or a tap (if you’re on a mobile phone) away!

See our latest technology demo below:

Products showcased are only for illustration and demonstration purposes only.