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Happy Supplier, Happy Life
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Happy Supplier, Happy Life

At Dropshyp we understand that we may seem like just another selling platform, a mere drop in the huge ecommerce ocean. Today we are writing this blog post to let you know that not only do we charge less fees than Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and the other ‘big guys’ (only 5%), but our big goal is to achieve a trusting relationship with our suppliers that cannot be beaten on service. Without our suppliers, big or small, we are nothing.

We believe the backbone to our service is having a platform that has a network of trustworthy suppliers that we have built relationships with over time and who can trust us to not penalise them or banish them for one small slip-up. Times are tough, and we don’t want to add to the pressures on your business, we want to alleviate them.

We are not simply trying to sign every supplier under the sun as fast as possible… Every supplier is being brought on by a real person within our team and then looked after once onboarded. We have a team member looking after that supplier-Dropshyp relationship and ensuring their business runs as smoothly as possible, helping wherever possible.

Platforms, especially new ones, are built on their core values and foundations. We believe that by taking that extra step in cultivating supplier relationships we will be able to withstand any storm, including a COVID shaped one! Keeping our suppliers happy and profitable, and guiding them through the selling process will no doubt bring success to resellers, so this is why the big aim for us from the off is building unshakeable relationships with our suppliers.

Big business with a small business feel is how to simply put it. We care deeply about every supplier, big or small, because without you there is no Dropshyp.