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Thought Leadership: Why Dropshipping Works, and Why We are Here to Change the Industry for the Better…
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Thought Leadership: Why Dropshipping Works, and Why We are Here to Change the Industry for the Better…

We’re survivors of a dying world, inhabitants of a society built on a house of cards. It’s being made very clear that to start a business or a brand in this day and age will require your acceptance of an immense financial burden and challenge – no matter how big your aspirations may be, the powers at be will always try and prevent you from setting foot on their territory.

This has become more adamant than ever with the recent pandemic of COVID-19, millions of job losses and thousands of businesses shut their doors within weeks, and it’s only getting worse – the media seem in favor of promoting the big conglomerates and shunning any independent entrepreneurship or attempts from small businesses to innovate, to excel and to achieve. Why not? How else can we enslave people to even lower salaries and crush any creativity or freedom they could experience by running their own enterprise? Ask yourself this… do you really want to give up and become a slave to a wage? Don’t you feel suffocated, like a caged animal?

We did too.

This is why it’s time for a change, it’s time to even the playing field and make it fair – just like how Nike rose up from a small retailer and manufacturer of shoes to become the conglomerate it is today, you can do it too. You might not have the marketing budget or hundreds of staff, but what you have is tenacity and willingness to achieve.

We’re putting decades of learning’s into carefully crafted tools so you can start your own business, or a brand, or whatever it may be you want to become – giving you the choice to forge your own destiny, to free yourself from the shackles of waging day in and day out for a company that only views you as a statistic, as a cog in machine that will run no matter how hard you try.

Dropshipping isn’t a new concept, it has been around for many decades, we’re not here to rehash the same concept and sell you it as a new idea – we’re here to tell you that it works. We are aiming to create an ecosystem of products and services which will serve to build a dedicated community of buyers, sellers, marketers and anybody else who would like to join the Dropshyp family – with minimal to no investment. We’re here to make things fair. We have big plans to become the leader in dropshipping, not only with our technology but our services too; when Zappos, the online shoe giant first launched, it fulfilled orders with drop shipments. Similarly, before Amazon began building its own warehouses, it also relied on wholesalers and distributors to ship CDs and books directly to its customers.

We’re here to give you access to the same tools, same resources and the same knowledge the big conglomerates had access to, but unlike them, our product and service offerings are built on successful legacy and knowing what works and what does not work. Giving you a streamlined path to success.

My and my Co-Founder Kartik have years of experience in the dropshipping field, and we cringe every-time we see an advert telling people they can ‘get rich quick’ if they buy a course on ‘dropshipping’ or the like – it’s time to centralize the dropshipping industry, with no b.s. (Pardon the choice of words). We’re here to help you become the best you can be, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a small business.

I won’t drown you in words, but what I will give you is a few use cases we used in our pitch deck to give you a better idea of what we are aiming to be, and what we are aiming to achieve:

Personal Use Case

Henry is a 18-year old High School graduate, his hobbies include movie memorabilia and video games, like many other of his age he feels an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to live and embody the American dream; reach the stars, and go for the moonshot. After careful due-diligence and weeks of research, he loves the idea of selling products. He fancies himself an expert marketer and good at sales, he had the experience of ‘hustle’ in school, so he thinks he can do so online too.

Unfortunately, Henry feels flustered and has an information overload, while he has the passion he feels the time it will take to start will put him in a disadvantage. Henry signs-up to Dropshyp, he immediately immerses himself in the design aspects of creating his amazing website, he registers a unique domain and starts creating a brand. He takes starts translating his hobby into reality; he chooses products he would buy himself, such as movie memorabilia. This includes adding posters, vinyl figurines and much more to his website. It only took Henry only several hours to get everything ready, he’s now ready to market his brand.

After several days of advertising to friends, family and others around him he starts making money. Money starts adding up, he decides he’d like to expand his knowledge even further; he enrolls in Dropshyp University and after the course(s) on optimization techniques, advertising insights and more, he starts re-investing his profits to expand his brand. He starts doubling and tripling his profit and expanding.

Business Use Case

Roger’s Sports are a brick and mortar sports store, they sell everything related to sports – business has been tough, online competitors such as Amazon and Walmart have put Roger, the store owner near the brink of collapse and financial ruin. He started his business in 1980’s. Roger has no other option but to start downsizing and letting go of his staff, which he views as family. However, unlike the big e-commerce giants, Roger’s Sports has a very good reputation within the local community, Roger always wanted to capitalize on the recent skateboarding trend that was born out of a new skatepark opening nearby. Unfortunately, with very little money left he has nothing to invest.

Dropshyp gives Roger a new chance at surviving this ever-changing landscape. Roger can now quickly create a website, or even integrate Dropshyp’s products into his own existing website and start selling; Roger can now focus on expanding his business in the areas he wants to, such as capitalizing on the new skateboarding trend in his local community without having to hold stock, or having to worry about inventory. Roger uses his established ‘legacy’ reputation within the community to intertwine it with Dropshyp’s offering, enabling him to expand his business even further. Several months after, Roger decided to invest in Dropshyp University and educate himself and all of his workers on best practices and best way to advertise and market his business – he is now expanding further and investing more into his digital strategy. Roger’s story is similar to that of many sports conglomerates who were fortunate enough to have the investment and connections needed to expand, with Dropshyp, all he needed was determination and willingness to succeed.

Common Use Case

Torrie is a 23 year old woman who is into fashion, she follows popular fashion influencers on all of her social media platforms – she unlike them, however, is unable to afford high luxury goods that her favourite influencers wear. She stumbles upon Dropshyp where she can use the Standard E-Commerce platform to find fashion goods at cheapest prices possible. She browses the fashion category, she browses thousands of products readily available to her, she still cannot find the product due to the abundance of great products. She takes a screenshot of the bag she fell in love with after seeing an Instagram post and a YouTube video. She uploads it to Dropshyp’s Product Matcher which analyzes the screenshot to provide her with accurate suggestions. She adds all of the items to her basket. The experience she had with Dropshyp makes her into a repeat customer.

And one more thing… we’ll always be transparent with you. We’re not a faceless corporation that is only here to make a profit, no, we’re building our products with you. This is why we have introduced a Community section which you can find here, to talk directly to the community members and staff of Shoppable Inc. (parent organization of Dropshyp) – provide feedback and suggestions for improvement or ask questions and get answers.. this is just one of the ways we want to be transparent and approachable.

Here’s a metaphorical toast to a start of a beautiful journey. Thanks.

Terry McGinnis,
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shoppable Inc.